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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Meal Plan Should I choose?

Each of our meal plans are built with different needs in mind. The best value we offer is Plan A with 21 Meals per week with $270 in Flex. This allots for a healthy three meals a day and a bit of extra spending money to be used at other Dining Services around campus. Our Plan B and Plan C, while not offering a full three meals a day, are sometimes better suited for those that do not eat three times a day and also offer more Flex ($330 and $360).

What Are Flex Dollars?

Flex Dollars, often referred to as just “Flex”, is a way to break out of the daily routine and open more dining choices. Flex can be used to pay for foods outside the Cafeteria around the Gardner-Webb Campus. These places include WoW Café, Broad River Cofee Co., Subconnect, Chick-Fil-A, and other eateries on campus.

Can I use Flex Dollars outside of Campus? Are there any other options?

While Flex cannot be used outside of Campus, WebbCash can! Webbcash can be used on the following eating establishments outside Gardner-Webb: CVS Pharmacy, Fuzzy Peach Frozen Yogurt, McDonalds and Papas Pizza to Go. It may also be used on campus dining locations with an additional 10% discount. Other things to use WebbCash on are: vending machines, Campus Shop, Campus Post Office, and the Business Office. Other possible locations in the future might be campus copy machines, Student Computer Services, Print Services, and Campus Recreation Center. For further questions please contact the Gardner-Webb Business Offices in Webb Hall.

Are there any special Dining options for those with food sensitivities or allergies?

Yes, every day the cafeteria has special dining options such as our Simple Servings or Vegetarian special. We also have special options for those with any sort of allergies and even gluten free options, including cookies! If there are any other concerns with food options that require such special accommodations, such as diabetes, please let our staff members know.

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